To Take a Hostage

(Season 1, Episode 5)

Series: Tommy

Air Date: 2020-03-05


Genre: Drama



When a concert promoter who is accused of defrauding his customers and vendors takes hostages in a restaurant, Tommy sends Cooper and Diaz to manage the situation until she can arrive. Also, Tommy must navigate the politics of the L.A. City Council when two members refuse to sign on to her new budget proposal.

Guest Starts :

Corbin Bernsen, Alexander Hodge, Tonye Patano, Naledi Murray, Arturo del Puerto, Randy Ramos Jr., Michael Benz, David Thornton, Vayda Rodriguez, Nicholas Rodriguez, Jonathan Stewart, Jason A. Coombs, Seth Barrish, Gurdeep Singh, Alex Webb, Lyman Chen, Kelvin Hale, Alex Estrada, Elise Santora, Gio Zavala, Grayson Berry, Lana Yoo, Brit Whittle, Nimo Gandhi, Teresa Hui, Connor Bond, Tony Javed